I lie there staring at the page for so long that the lines start to get blurry. The fan groans overhead. He’s no match for the sweltering heat and even he knows it. There’s a bird chirping somewhere and I start to wonder -do birds perspire. Perhaps the crows feel the summer more intensely than the pigeons !
It shouldn’t be so hard to write a letter. I have actually made a pretty convincing list of reasons as to why I should leave him. But I can’t tell him these. Not without sounding petty and superfluous. No. I shall present it to look like I had no choice, as if I were the hapless victim of this sad and doomed love story. I may not love him, but I will not have him stop loving me.


A creative writing exercise….mixing fact and fiction. 3 fact 1 fiction and then 1 fact 3 fiction.





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