…but I am a Tuesday’s child…full of grace.

I like what I see in the mirror. I’m not being vain, I’m being candid. My eyes may not be almond shaped, but once I draw a nice dark kohl outline, and stretch it a little outwards, you could almost called them pistachio shaped (heck…a dry fruit is a dry fruit…and pistachios are just as expensive). The nose is mathematically perfect. Some feel it should have been a little slimmer, but since my entire face is a little broad, the ratio of width of the nose to width of the face, falls within artistic parameters. It is thus, theoretically, a proportionate nose. Then there’s the lips. I always make sure to smile at my reflection. My smile is my best feature. Moreover, when I smile it makes the muscles around my eyes push up just so, and then the pistachio eyes get skewered into almond eyes. A ha…. a beauty with brains! Coming back to my lips, some lips are meant to be pursed, some are ment to be pouted, mine are meant to be parted. Not too much though, else the rabbit teeth will show. About 10.5 millimetres is usually most attractive. Mornings, right before tea, are the best too. The neck is… well there’s really no need to get into every little detail. And then I come to woman’s most valued (verb, not adjective) asset- her twins. A most blessed size – more than sloth, less than greed. All put together, I’m happy with what I see.

Fortunately, it’s a half length mirror.



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