The World Wide Web is a marvellous place.
Its amazing how much information could be got off wikihow, she thought, as she applied the layers of the makeup. First a light red to simulate blood flow. Her hands were red enough though. Clutching a washbasin for half an hour could do that.
Next she generously spread the concealer. Even a light stroke with her finger made flashes of lightning go off in her head. Was it safe to have some more Tylenol so soon? Probably not. Her mind went back to the store as she picked up the yellow corrective concealer she had gone to buy. The girl assisting her had been rather nervous and awkward. She had been extremely helpful, though. Kept asking if she could do something for her, or call someone for her. Huh…strange girl!
She quickly brought herself out of her reverie. The clock was ticking and being late was never acceptable. A final layer of foundation to blend the entire face and she was done.
She looked into the mirror carefully. Glassy eyes looked out of a weird yellowish blue face. Hadn’t the site mentioned that using dark eyeshadow for a smokey eye look would conceal better?
By 8 she gave her reflection a nod of consent. By 8:15 the table was perfectly laid. The oven was at the perfect temperature and timer set for 8:30. She tried to ignore the throbbing in her head as she ran through the final checklist in her head. Thankfully she had remembered to bring out the vase. It had almost slipped out of her sweaty palms, but she had managed to place it in the exact centre of the table. He always brought flowers on such days. Lilies were her favourite.
A quick pat down of her hair was all she managed before she heard the key turn in the door. Her gut clenched but she managed the perfect smile as he walked in.
“Sorry baby,” he said. “You know I love you.”



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