I confess. We are a wannabe uber cool 40+ couple. And what better way to up your cool quotient than to join the yoga fad that all the young couples are swearing by – Power Yoga.
So when the local community organised a yoga camp, I just had to go. The trick would be to get my husband to come along. You get to de-stress, Recharge, I tempted. I’ll let you control the to remote for the entire weak I bribed. And then with the smugness of the winning hand holder, I played my trump card – your boss is going to be there.

40 sun salutations in under a minute! What? What ever happened to focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Taking time to feel the grace of the sun god while chanting slokas in praise of him. This was the two minutes noodles and five minutes pasta version of yoga.

I wondered how my normally languid husband was faring. But since he had rushed to stand beside his boss like a star struck teenager, there was no way for me to know. And by the time we were asked to lie down for the final shavasana (corpse pose) to allow our body to relax, I was too damn tired to care.

I lay still, relaxing my body part by part, focusing my mind on the gentle repetitive chants of Om. And just when I was about to reach perfect balance, a low frequency rumbling interrupted my peace. The rumble stopped and restarted, getting louder and louder. People around me started to fidget. A few giggles erupted. Unhinged, I sat up and looked in the direction of the sound.
And there he was, my darling husband, blissfully asleep, snoring away without a care in the world.

I can’t say for sure how impressed the boss was. I can tell you that at that moment I went from chanting the Om to chanting the number of my lawyer!

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