Silly Sally will never disagree, which could have been a most agreeable quality, if only Sally were not partially deaf. We are busy discussing plans for tomorrow when I notice her walk towards the door. “Sally”, I call out to her, and she replies, “Yes, yes, sure.”
“Do you even know what you just said yes to?”
“No. But I’m sure it’s a great idea.”

Sally was our cook and every meal was a surprise. “Yes, Yes, this is what you asked for. No?” she would ask, with the biggest cheeriest smile on the planet, and eyes that twinkled with such love, that you wouldn’t dare correct her for fear of seeing that twinkle fade.

“Sally I want fried chicken today”, says my son.
“OK baba”
“No Sally, we made chicken yesterday. Fry the fish today”, says mum.
“OK ma”
“Sally, my friend is coming home for lunch today. She’s a pure vegetarian. No meat to be cooked today please. Give us a traditional meal.”
“OK didi”
So I suppose you’re wondering what was finally cooked?
Fried rice with chicken, prawns (in lieu of fish) and lots of vegetables. Someone did not hear the ‘vegetarian’ bit.
We then went out for lunch.

“Sally, please put less oil in the food”, I say. “Yes didi”, she says. But we still continued fishing our veges out of the oil pool.
“Ma’s blood pressure is high. Less salt please”, I say. “Yes didi”, she says. Yet again I had to add water to the gravy to dilute the salt.
I call her up from work and tell her, “It’s trader’s day tomorrow. All the shops will be closed. Go to the marketing today”. “Yes didi”. The next morning she tells me we are out of rice! “Why didn’t you buy yesterday?” “I didn’t have money.” “Then why didn’t you tell me?” “You already have so much office tension. You told me to go, so I simply said yes. I didn’t want to upset you.”

I’m back in an hour to update my blog.
So my uncle who has come into town for a day, visits the seaside, and brings home some fresh fish. Mum, overcome with sisterly love, tells Sally, “Just freeze the fish and send it with him when he leaves tomorrow”.
“OK ma”.
I just walked into the kitchen and Sally’s busy cleaning the fish. “What, he bought it for all of us to eat! I’ll fry it now. It will be very fresh.”
I’m waiting for mum to come to the table. I have my earplugs ready 😉


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