What story do the things you wear tell about you?
What story do you want the things you wear to tell about you?

Hey…I’m a normal female who likes to dress up and look pretty…who perks up when she receives a compliment…indulges in bling…drools over guys and diamonds (not necessarily in that order)…can loiter around in the bags section of the mall for hours…
Well, you get what I’m saying.

But you know what I don’t get?
– Women who come to an orphanage bedecked in jewellery and sporting designer labels. Way to go if your trying to make the kids even more aware of their misfortune! Not sure how many brownie points your going to score with The Maker.
– Men who would have you think that stepping out of a Rolls Royce with a Rolex on their wrist and a Mont Blanc in their pocket is better evidence of what they’ve accomplished, rather than the number of lives they’ve touched.
– People who believe that just because they are covered from head to toe it automatically makes them authorities on religion, plus confers the status of judge on them. To those who wag their fingers and preach to others I ask again, if you are passing judgement and disbursing punishment here, then what is The Good Lord Above going to do?
The Outer Layers my friend, is intended to protect and project. It’s the inner layers that actually matter.
No matter the price of the onion, the skin is peeled off and discarded.

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