I watch as they get closer and closer, too engrossed in their animated discussion to even notice me. There’s a shuffling of papers from one hand to another, heads shaking, hands gesticulating. I get into the car and start the engine, turn on the air conditioner and wait. And wait. The longer the discussions continue, the sterner the faces become. Eyes are crinkled, brows are raised, jaws are clenched, and teeth are ground together. I watch them get older with every passing second. I lament the unnecessary passing away of youth. Eventually the crowd starts breaking up into smaller groups and they drift apart. The car door opens and three stiff bodies slide in. I subtly survey them, taking in the chilly silence. It’s the lull before the storm and I am too terrified to even create a ripple. I start driving in equal silence. The atmosphere in the car gets more and more stifling, until I feel like I won’t be able to breathe any more. I eventually summon up some courage and squeak out – “So how was it?”
“Hah! Guess who is going to be failing Chemistry”, he spits out.
“Almost the entire class, INCLUDING ME.”


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