I was going to give today’s word prompt a miss, because honestly it confused me. My first thought was about the hunks in The Originals, go figure. Second though was what I had posted yesterday on an incident that triggered an earlier blog (The story that birthed a story). Third was – well zilch actually. I hit a total wall after that. So I just started reading some other very nice blogs.
And as I was reading Jessica’s No one is youer than you I suddenly had a though – And what if I don’t know the original me?

Roll with me here, but I’ve always had this concern – what if what I think I am is not who I really am? Like hearing a playback of your own voice and wondering, is that actually how I sound, and dealing with the stunning realization that you don’t in fact sound as melodic as you had imagined you did!

I believe people do what they do because they think they are right and justified. Nobody gets up one fine day and proclaims, OK today I’m going to be a cold hearted bitch just for the LOLs, or that sure my words/actions are going to hurt you and serve no greater good, but I’m going to do it nonetheless. From their perspective they feel they are right. We are not talking about breaking a law here, that’s pretty black and white, in most cases, except when your being persecuted, oppressed, marginalised, sidelined, cornered, abused, desperate…you get my drift?
So although I honestly think that I’m a decent, logical, reasonable, human being, what if deep down inside I’m not? What if I’m just putting up a pretty effective façade and even I don’t realise it?

What if The Wachowskis had it right all along and this is all really just a game? (And darn it, I did’t even get to hang out with Keanu.)

OK so today is just one of those days and I really really should have given this prompt a miss!


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