Trust your intensions? Pray tell me why?
Isn’t that what the spider said to the fly?
I cannot feel safe even though you are around
Cause Kaa to Mowgly made that very same sound.

Jasmin trusted Aladdin with her hand and her heart
Yet it was his secrecy that ripped them apart.
The poor little mermaid almost dissolved in a puddle
For the man she loved himself was a muddle.

The dwarves told Snow White her suspicions to keep;
It was her foolish kind heart that put her to sleep.
And even when mum warned – don’t talk to a stranger,
Red Riding Hood’s trust put her and grams in danger.

So pray tell me why, when I’ve been warned as a kid,
I’m going to repeat the foolishness each of them did?
Call me a cynic, a skeptic, say I’m cussed;
It is only in The Good Lord and myself that I trust.



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