At the onset, thank you to Sailaja and Subramanyam for nominating me for the 3Day3Quote challenge.

The story continues…

The daughter was pleased with her father’s first gift of wisdom. Eagerly she opened the white box. But she recoiled startled. It contained a skull carved in crystal. Wondering why her father had chosen this symbol of death, she hesitantly reached out to take it out of the box and examine it, and noticed some words etched into the base: ‘The Future You’, it read.
Although she had just turned twenty, the second gift was a reminder of human mortality, and she was being asked to live as if each moment could be her last, appreciating every small thing in her life.

My Second Quote:


My second set of nominees:

  1. Melancholy Doll who has so much light in the darkest part of her mind,
  2. Raj Krishna who gets totally bizarre khayals (thoughts) and
  3. Neil Dinsmore ’cause I’m hoping to read more amazing quotes from long-dead historical figures.

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