At the onset, thank you to Sailaja and Subramanyam for nominating me for the 3 Day 3 Quote challenge.

The story continues…

Still shaken by the second gift of wisdom, the daughter carefully reached for the gold box, wondered whether it contained something beautiful and pleasing like the mirror or something puzzling and distressing like the crystal skull.

In it was a wooden figurine of the Buddha. Lifting it out, the burnished wood exuded a warm glow. The expression of serenity on the face calmed her. By now she knew she should look for some words, and found an inscription on the base of the statue. ‘The Eternal You’, it read.

The third gift and message was the sage’s most important one to his daughter. It instructed her that the Buddha is not just someone to revere, or someone to become – it was what deep down she already was.

The ultimate truth is to be yourself. The ultimate quest is to be your best self.

My Third Quote


My final set of nominees:
Calliope’s Lyre
Grateful Dead
The Wronged Soul

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