She realised she had gone a little overboard as she stacked the piles of multi-coloured macroons, but it was Jay’s birthday and these were his favourite, so the need to make them the sweetest, fluffiest and most perfect, had been an obsessive compulsion.

The children shrieked with delight when they spotted the pile, and a melee followed as they grabbed and traded for their preferred colours, gobbling down the fluffy goodness, creating a sugar dust storm, out of which they would randomly emerge to give her the biggest and tightest hugs, and then disappear, oblivious to the emotional storm that had hit her heart.

It was later, when Sister Clarence had whispered in her ear that Jay and the angels were looking down from heaven and smiling, that the storm broke, and with silent heaving sobs her tears flowed unchecked.


Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales with photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

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