My mother’s warnings echo in my ears – never take a lonely street or subway.

But of course I have to dismiss her words, show my bravado and be the strong independent girl. At this late hour, the subway looks more like a murder scene before a crime. Ignoring the chills that have started creeping over me, I quickly descend the stairs. The half-light and complete absence of sound makes the place feel even more eerie. Gathering my wits about me, I and keep walking, when I notice a shadow, small and unmoving. I freeze. The figure stands up and mercifully it’s just a boy. I breathe again. He smiles at me and even in the faint light I can tell that he has the softest golden hair and very cute deep dimples.

“Can I walk with you?” he softly asks, and unexpectedly I feel brave again.

We make our way through the tunnel rapidly, and even though I feel a little uncomfortable when he holds my hand, I let it be.

“Don’t worry, we are almost there,” I say, comforted by the approaching red exit light.

“I like the tunnel,” he says, and suddenly the stairs blur, and all I see ahead is a never ending tunnel. “It’s so nice to have company,” his voice echoes.

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