Bear with me while I rant
Of the things I can and the things I can’t…

This morning my son referred to some great mathematician and lamented that he was not a genius like him, to which I casually responded that it wasn’t necessary to be a genius. He looked at me funnily.

The thing is, I’ve received variations of this look several times.

What’s my goal in life? I dunno. Be a decent person, bide my time till the trumpet is blown. Do I regret quitting my job? I regret the circumstances that led to that decision, but I’m not heartbroken about ‘wasting my education’ or ‘not contributing’ to the world. What am I passionate about? Nothing really! If truth be told, I don’t even ‘feel’ that much. Doesn’t the state of the world move me? I’m still parked on my arse, aren’t I!

Yes, I’m an unremarkable person leading an unremarkable life.

But why the hell do I have to be apologetic about that. Why do people look at me strangely just because I am self-aware enough to know that I’m ok being complacent and honest enough to voice it? Why do I have to engage in passionate discussions and empty platitudes when I’m not actually doing anything to fix the problems? ‘Be the change’ does not always have to be a movement, it could just be a ripple. I pick up my garbage, I make my mom’s friends laugh, I’ve taught my son right from wrong, and I try my hardest neither to judge people nor to hold them to unrealistic standards.

When my time is done, I may not leave the world a better place. If I can just leave it no worse than I found it, I’m all right with that.

Hakuna Matata may not be a realistic life motto, but I sure as hell am gonna try.


This post is for Stream of Consciousness Saturday

3 thoughts on “Hakuna Matata

    1. Have to say that I loved this, especially, “‘Be the change’ does not always have to be a movement, it could just be a ripple.”

      You make some great points, and it shows that you’ve thought about this so much it makes an easy stream-of-consciousness. You can’t buy that kind of self-awareness, when the heart and mind are willing, it’s learned from the hardest job imaginable: Life.


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