Over ambitious tiger moms – that is what we had in common, that is what brought us together.

The pearl skinned Chinese girl with silky straight hair and the brown Indian with a coarse curly mop became inseparable friends.

Until the day my father returned to India.

But the miles would not break our bond and I swore to return to San Francisco for grad school.

When I got accepted at SFU, Su Lu was the first person I told.

When I landed in SFO it was Su Lu’s mom who received me.

Yes, that was surprising. I thought she hated me!

We reached the familiar red door with the red lanterns and I could almost picture Su rushing out with her beautiful hair streaming behind her.

I was led into Su’s room where she lay, thin, pale, robbed of all pearly sheen, and her hair, O my God her beautiful hair, gone, all of it.
She smiled gently at the unasked question in my eyes, and replied, “I had to do it after the chemo.”


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers week of 24-Jan-2017 with a photo prompt by Singledust.

8 thoughts on “Su Lu

  1. My heart just broke when I got to the end. Superbly well written story. I was expecting a sweet tale of friendship and happiness, but I loved the story regardless. It’s a bittersweet twist, but it’s rooted in reality that way.


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