He took my hand in his as he led me through his perfume laboratory, explaining the art and science behind it.
“Perfumery is a complicated art. Perfumes are foods that reawaken the spirit.”

And awaken it did.
The gentle hum of his passionate monologue was combining with the complex aromas swirling around me, rapidly turning this sensuous journey into an olfactory erotica. I feel my mind fall into a languid stupor despite every nerve ending in my body firing in amatory awakening. My pulse quickens as my core temperature rises to rush to my cheeks and for some inexplicable reason I am drawn towards him with the heady trance of a butterfly drawn to nectar.
I summon enough mettle to meet his gaze. His grey eyes are twinkling. He knows what this is doing to me. He is trying to make me feel this way!

With a gentle finger he reorients my face to look at the vial he now holds. “This is Musk,” he continues, gently pulling me against his chest, “No other natural substance has such a complex aroma associated with so many contradictory descriptions.”
I inhaled deeply, another whiff that puts my mind into a frenzy of sparks. The feelings rock my head backwards and he starts kissing my ears.
“Isnt it wonderful, like the smell of baby skin. Do you know where musk comes from? I don’t use any of that synthetic musk. That’s not pure. I get mine natural. From the musk deer. First I trap the deer, male, only the male, the female deer is of no use to me. Then I take out their musk pods.”
I let out a tiny gasp and squirm uncomfortably. I don’t like this part of the story.

But then I feel his lips softly graze my neck as he pushes his body into mine. His arms engulf my senses and steal away my worries. In that moment I was only alive in the present, all thoughts of past and future melted away.

“Your scent,” he whispers into my ears, “you smell beautiful. I’m going to bottle you, the Scent of a Woman, the ultimate aphrodisiac. You will be my most priceless fragrance.”

Another vial, a different scent. I feel myself slip into blissful oblivion as his voice gently drones on…
“Extracting the androstenone will be a little like extracting musk, I suppose. You see, the female pheromone is excreted from the apocrine glands…”

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