I stand transfixed in front of the open door, as pleasant breaths of coolness chill and seduce every nerve in my body. The refrigerator whispers sweets nothings, inviting me closer. Heavenly aroma wafts up, tantalising my senses, serenading me, delicate fingers of fragrance beckoning me. Little birdies of chocolate and caramel start their happy dance in my head, which is now suffused with a delicious sensation created at the thought of sinking my teeth into all that gooey richness. My dazed eyes glisten in the glow of melting caramel. Even the dullness of the light bulb does not diminish the beauty of this dark creamy brown divineness. Meanwhile somewhere in the distance there is a battle raging between my waistline and my taste buds, and at this moment it looks like the waistline is losing – badly. It’s an expensive cake, gifted lovingly, and it’s going to go bad if nobody eats it, and it’s so big who can eat all of it, and dark chocolate is good for the heart, and everyone deserves a few cheat days. OK, so what if my next cheat day is not due for another five days? I’ll eat a big bowl of salad for lunch tomorrow. One piece and no more, for sure. The serenade from the refrigerator is getting louder, like an opera reaching its crescendo, drowning out any ability to think. As if driven by an invisible overpowering force, my hand breaks off a piece of cake and pops it into my mouth. And with that first taste of bliss, all pretences are gone, and I stuff another handful of heaven into my mouth. My eyes close as I concede to the exotic transgression. I die and go to heaven. The only thing alive here is the clicking of the calorie meter.

“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.”

– Judith Viorst.

I could not Resist reposting my greatest weakness!


5 thoughts on “A piece of heaven

  1. This is such a delicious piece of writing! Enjoyed every bite of it! Great expressions, like – ‘delicate fingers of fragrance beckoning me,’ the ‘happy dance’ of ‘Little birdies of chocolate and caramel,’ ‘a battle raging between my waistline and my taste buds,’ ‘another handful of heaven.’ WOW!

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