A customer takes his seat upon the barber’s chair. Irritated at seeing less than a dozen hair, the barber asks him, “Should I cut it or count it?”
“Colour it,” replies the cheerful customer.

Now that’s attitude.

Attitude I wish I had.

I confess, I’m one of those people who have always griped about her hair. When I was a kid it was a curly knotted mess that mum insisted on keeping as sort as possible so that we made it to school on time. As a teenager I finally got around to demanding some style. I grew it out over summer, filled with such hope and longing, imagining the lovely flicks that would elegantly frame my cherub face. Finally the day arrived, my tresses were snipped and styled, and I emerged walking on clouds. Friends oohed and aahed and I felt like the prettiest girl in school. Two weeks later gone was the diva, and in her place stood a perfect caricature of a wired victim of electrocution. The harder I tried, the more they rebelled, until I finally had to concede, these tresses were not to be tamed!


Talk about a bad hair day, I had an entire bad hair childhood!

But there is always a silver lining. Quite by chance I discovered that if it made a fountain ponytail, my hair would curl into itself forming what looked like a top knot. And top-knots were not allowed at school 😉
So every assembly the prefect would come up to me and try to straighten my hair, but what do you know, the darlings would curl right back, and Mother would stand on stage giving me the eye.

Hey, in catholic school we take our thrills where ever we can get them!

But now, all these years later, something strange has happened. My hair has decided to untangle itself. Perhaps it has lost some of its vitality, or perhaps its decided to make peace with me, but the spring-like curls are gone, and now it falls in soft waves. My fantasy of an elegantly framed cherub face may have never been realised, but now I have bouncy waves that that subtlety cover my crow’s feet and laugh lines.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways, Trust in God’s perfect timing, good things come to those who wait, etc. etc.


Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt ‘Hair’

Image source: mi55-k1tty.deviantart.com

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