They huddled together, stranded on rooftops due to the flash flood, the cold rain beating mercilessly down upon them, as hunger gnawed at their parched stomachs.

Suddenly a beam, the search light of the helicopters, and expectant arms reach up, seeking rescue, hoping at least for food.

Just the media, just vultures circling their prey!


In memory of the 500 plus people who lost their lives in the 2015 South Indian floods. A further 1.8 million plus were displaced. God be with them all.

Triggered by Sonya’s Three Line Tale challenge for a photo by Edwin Undrade via Unsplash


5 thoughts on “The long wait

  1. Your tale reminds me of the footage from Hurricane Katrina. Felt the same way. Great tale, thanks for shining a spotlight on those in India probably still suffering from the floods.


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