A bang and a shriek woke me up. Hobbling out as fast as my old legs would permit, I stumbled upon the obviously interrupted party. O yes! Jane’s midnight surprise for Peter.
The candles were lit, the cake cut, but where were they…

I was startled once again by shrieks and laughter. Dear me, I suppose passions had flared and moved the party upstairs.

The question remained, what was I to do? Pretend that I had never heard them? Leave the mess on the table! Or clean up and make breakfast awkward?

Lord, the kids really needed to get a place of their own!

In response to the 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge with image by Bikurgurl 2016

3 thoughts on “The midnight party

  1. Oh my! Awkward indeed 😉 Unique perspective — so unexpected and not at all something I would have considered — what a lovely surprise! It’s nice of the storyteller to see the humor in the situation ❤ Happy to see you here again and looking forward to what you come up with in Week 7 🙂


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