Ted Ray, you are under arrest…

The cops swarmed in through the door and before we realized what was happening, Teddy was cuffed and on the floor. Somewhere in the room Nina screamed and I rushed to find my baby. The cops were screaming, Teddy was screaming, Nina was screaming, and I just didn’t know what to do.

Call Big J. You hear me, call Big J,” Teddy shouted as they led him away.

Six months, he had been underground for six whole months, and he just came home. It was Nina’s birthday. She was crying for her daddy. Barely 5 hours and the cops were here. How did they know he was home? How did they know?

Suddenly the door bursts open again and one of the cops is back. “Don’t be scared ma’am. I am not going to hurt you. I just need to collect the evidence.” Then he took away the stupid dragon puppet that had been hanging in the corner.

Now I’m confused. Why is the puppet evidence? It is just some silly toy that someone gave Nina a while back.

And then I remembered why it was hanging out here and not in her room. “His eyes glow in the dark,” Nina had said.


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Photo credited to A Mixed Bag.

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