The picture beckons me. A beautiful wooden cottage sequestered in a tranquil forest, lulled by the rhythm of a serene lake.

I imagine awaking to the chirping of birds, fresh breeze and sunlight. The perfectly stimulating ambience for a writer.

Then I start wondering how much bug spray I would have to carry, would I have cellular reception, and how long to get to the nearest emergency room.

Years of being a parent and caregiver have altered me irrevocably.

A chair screeches. It is my son helping his grandmother to her room, her aging stoop supported by his youthful arm.

I behold the beauty of life having come full circle within my very urban home.

Looking away from the cottage, I smile. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Written for 100 Word Wednesday’s photo prompt by Olivier Guillard.
Unfortunately I have overshot the word limit a bit 🙂 

5 thoughts on “My beautiful

  1. Coming full circle…I love this, and realize the older I get, the coming full-circle comes round, and round…more concentric circles as you’re writing here of the generations coming together, intertwined, reliant upon each other in the warmest of ways. Lovely story ❤


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