Don’t call me baby
Not in front of my friends
I’m all grown up
I’m almost ten

Knock on my door
Before you come in
Don’t treat me like a kid
I’m already a teen

I have an opinion
You can’t just make plans
In a year I’m off to college
You need to treat me like a man

I smile through the phases
I’ll try I say, maybe
No way to convince him
That I am not crazy
Boy or man
Eight or eighty
In my mommy eyes
He’s always my Baby

3 thoughts on “Mom, don’t…

  1. Things only parents can understand. I still call my daughters baby, and they are 9 and 6, I doubt I will ever stop. I lost my mother in 2008, and I wish she could say anything to me. Your post is beautiful and it stirred my heart. Thank you!


    1. Thank you. My son is 17 and the deal is that within the privacy of our home I get to call him anything my wild heart desires. I do behave in public 😉
      And I totally get what you mean about your mom. In my case its my dad.

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