Howling out at the moon
That’s what I’ll be doing soon
When my son is out of here
Off to make his own career
Empty nest is all that’s left
Yet I know its for the best
Even if it rips my heart
Having to live apart
Loving him means letting go
Got to go with destiny’s flow
I wish him well
I wish him flight
I wish him wisdom
I wish him light
I’ll watch him leave with so much pride
His father standing me beside
Together we created
Together we let go
He’ll make us proud
That much we know
The excitement to soar is in his eyes now
Of that I’m certain even though I don’t know how


Linda’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “how”, and since she did ask us to ‘Enjoy’ I decided to try something different and write a poem. Being a stream, with only pauses to think up silly rhyming words, its a bit corny, but I did have fun. And how!
Thanks Linda.


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