I stare with dismay at my morose 7 year old sitting by the fence, headphones obstinately embedded in his ears, oblivious to the beauty around him.

Anne’s excited squeals as she helps milk the cows assure me that visiting a farm was a good idea. But Adam…

Suddenly he unleashes a panicked scream.

He’s staring towards the pen at his headphones which are hanging from a calf’s mouth! The young one had obviously sneaked up on Adam and yanked them off.

Now both of them were in some kind of standoff.

Adam cautiously reached forward, but the calf start nodding vigorously and Adam beat a hasty retreat.

Few minutes pass.

Adam makes another attempt. This time the prize is dropped and a hoof placed over it.



A hand is warily extended.

This time it is met by a wet nose.



Wet nose again.

And now something wondrous happens. Gamut of expressions pass over Adam’s face – surprise, excitement, shock, curiosity, glee.

He steps forward and starts stroking the calf’s nose and head.

The headphones are forgotten.


In response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers with photo prompt by MajesticGoldenRose

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