She loved the holidays – the anticipation, the planning, decorating the house, cooking a special meal, laughter with family and friends.
But this year Tony was away on an important business trip. He was really apologetic about missing family time. If he could have rescheduled he would have, but some things are unavoidable.
She understood.
And that was why she was taking the party to him.

Her first stop was the supermarket where she quickly and efficiently ticked off her shopping list. Some ornaments and candles, the costumes from two years back could be recycled so that was not required, and a few ingredients for a quick meal. Fortunately he was in a studio with a kitchen, but she was not foolish enough to expect a lone male to keep it stocked.
Outside the store she had even chanced upon these queer looking pumpkin shaped chiminea. Well, since they couldn’t lounge by the fireplace at home, this would be a small substitute.
With this she was good to go.

Having trudged up with all her paraphernalia, she excitedly knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” he called out.
Determined to surprise him, she answered, “Housekeeping.”

His secretary answered the door – in a bathrobe.



Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge based on a photo by Dawn Miller.

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