Sometimes I wonder…

When God was handing out destinies, I think I drew the short straw, and I even think I know why. It’s because I’m the shorty and the tall ones probably stretched out over my head and snapped up the good deals. Although when I share my theory with my mother, she says in all likelihood I was dreaming through the entire exercise.

But really, I’ve been short-changed in a lot of departments. To start with, there’s the small matter of height (pun intended), then I had to be born 50 years too late, plump at a time when size zero matters, and in a country where matrimonial advertisements read – wanted a fair and homely girl for boy whose-description-simply-doesn’t-matter. Obviously the twits posting the advertisement don’t know what homely means, because it’s not a homely girl that they want but rather a nice domesticated girl who can cook and sew and make flowers grow. Incidentally I hate doing all three. I cook the bare minimum needed to survive; I sew only when every last pant I possess is torn and the stores are closed; and I’m not going out under the hot blazing sun to make the flowers grow, otherwise I will be neither homely nor fair. And anyway, what is a domesticated girl? Cattle?

To avoid having my shortfalls dissected in the mate-hunting jungle I decided to take a shortcut. Aim short and marry a distant relative. Of course there are pitfalls to this too. You are left stagnating in the same non-evolving patriarchy.

Now life is too short to be complaining, so all that I can do is not be short sighted, which incidentally I am, bringing me back to my list of shortchanges which at this point is really short circuiting my brain. BUT coming back to what I was trying to say, on my part I’m trying to bring up a boy who will treat a person as a person irrespective of colour, creed, caste, size, ideology or gender.

But let me not sell myself or my life short. I have a loving family, good health and wonderful friends, and that my friends is the long and short of it.


In response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Short.

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