She knew the scene required he put his arms around her, but to her romantic mind it was as if he was cradling his baby.

Are you ready to give up your career for this? You just signed a movie deal.” he had asked earlier. But to her it was a no-brainer. She was already imagining their beautiful family; she braiding her daughter’s hair (God she really wanted a daughter), or teaching her son to ride the mare, awaiting his return at dusk. It would be a perfect life.


The next morning the headlines announced the end of her dreams.

Famous theatre actor plunges to an untimely death.

No one knew why she stumbled forward to the ledge. All the actors had been warned that the barricade props were flimsy at best. She was supposed to stay a foot inside. So why had she leaned on the balustrade? After a 15 foot drop she had bled out before they could reach the hospital.

Requiems were held. Eulogies were read. Wreaths were laid.

Two weeks later the show reopened with a younger and prettier lead actress to rave reviews. Romeo now had a new Juliet.

He had always known that public memory was fickle.


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge based on photo prompt by A Mixed Bag

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