She rode down the Centralbron every day, and each day was a reminder of him and what could have been. The towers and spires bore silent testament to their epic romance. But vicious words squelch even blazing passion.
She couldn’t recall what started it. All she knew was that they had reached the point of no return.

Time had not healed wounds and her heart still trembled like the shuddering reflections she passed every day.

She knew she deserved happiness. She deserved to move on free of him.

It was time to take another path.


Written for Bikugurl’s 100 Word Wednesday challenge based on photo by Matias Larhag.

3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. You hit a chord here — true love shouldn’t hurt, true love should be kind and loving. I imagine most can relate to this story — the hurt and pain of moving on, but once the decision has been made, there really is no turning back. What a beautifully melancholy perspective this week – lovely words as always! Thanks for joining us ❤


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