Today it may be a jetty of no importance, but years ago it was the meeting ground of the most sought-after girl gang in town – or so we would have it said.
Six young girls who ran as free as the wind blowing through their hair, whose imaginations soared like the seagulls overhead, and whose laughter bubbled buoyant as the lapping waves. Here we converged every day to discuss vital matters such as school gossip, girlfriend politics and boys. It was here we went to laugh, to cry, to plot or to vent. On this jetty we sat dangling our legs making up silly songs or played girly games like hopscotch until we ran out of time and breath. At dusk, tired and sweaty, we would strip down to our undergarments, run down the jetty like the banshees that we were, and jump into the cool waters, holding hands tightly.
Always together – all for one and one for all.

“Let’s do it,” says Cathy.

“Are you crazy? We are thrice as old and thrice as heavy.”


We look at each other, the six of us, now together again.

“All for one and one for all. Jump.”


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction prompt based on photo by Jules Paige

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