He kept chattering away, pausing only to take a bite, and every time he did take a bite he would start off on a whole different direction entirely. To be fair, it wasn’t as if his anecdotes were boring. Neither was he hard on the eyes. On the contrary he was handsome, intelligent and quite articulate. A polite gentleman too, going by the courtesy he had shown both her and the hostess. Her girlfriends would insist that this was the perfect first date. Yet she kept looking around waiting for the meal to end.

He may have been the perfect date, but he was not ‘him’.


In response to: 100 Word Wednesday, Week 14
Image by: Anjo Beckers Photography


5 thoughts on “The Date

  1. I’ve totally had dates like this — but if ‘it’ isn’t there, there’s no way to force it into being so. Perfection doesn’t make a perfect match. Thank you so much for joining us again this week — I always look forward to your perspective ❤


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