The holidays were finally over and Sunita was ready to return to Indore. A month is a very long time when you have two hyper-energetic boys home all day. Add two over-indulgent grandparents to the mix and it’s a recipe for pandemonium. Words like routine, discipline and punctuality had lost all meaning. She loved watching her parents come alive as they doted on her boys. She loved watching the boys run circles around their grandparents. But secretly she couldn’t wait for school to start.

“Come on boys, we are going to be late for the train. Rajesh, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Grandma said she’ll look at the clock everyday waiting for the time we will return. So I’m putting my dragon up here to remind her of me.”

“O God! Get down before you fall. NOWWWWWWW.”

No sooner were the ominous words out of her mouth, than a crash sounded. Boy, stool and clock (with the stupid dragon still firmly perched on the top), all landed in a broken heap.

The car intended for the train station was redirected to the emergency room.


Early next morning her father staggered into her room, newspaper in hand.

Indore Express derails.

At least 119 killed, more than 150 injured.

In response to: Sunday Photo Fiction, April 16th 2017
Photo by: Jade M Wong

12 thoughts on “A series of events

  1. Wow. One minor disaster helped avoid a major one.

    Oh, I feel the same way about my grandchildren. They’re a handful when they’re here, but I miss them terribly the second they leave.


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