The brogues had seduced her right through the display window of the bespoke shoe store. Soft black leather, four inch stilettos, thick soles, impeccable stitches, neat holes, and elegant satin laces – who said formal and practical couldn’t be feminine and sexy!

She pictured herself rocking the look at the interview; those brogues with black stockings, her burgundy short skirt topped off with the matching long coat. Nailed it.

Well yes, she couldn’t afford them presently, but she had the card, and once she got the job everything would be fine.
Seriously, how could anything ever go wrong in foot-ware like that?

Inspired by: Friday Fictioneers, 21 April 2017
Photo by: Magaly Guerrero

11 thoughts on “Walking tall

  1. Great description, and the growing feeling of confidence comes through loud and clear. What can go wrong in foot-ware like that. Great line.


  2. Great descriptions in the opening paragraph, tainted well by the question in the last line. Fingers crossed she gets the job!


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