Tiger Tail

Dude, I groan. I’ve caught the proverbial tiger’s tail, and you know how that goes. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Hang on tight, buddy, he says. Just ride it to its logical conclusion.

Shit man, did you even hear what I said. It’s the damn tiger’s tail. The only logical conclusion is my untimely and certainly gory death. Seriously! Have you ever seen anyone pull a tiger’s tail and live to tell the tale?

Nice pun.

Get out you sicko. I’m desperate, I’m dying, I tell you my problem and all you see is the pun in it. Some friend you are.

Well there was this picture in the papers a while back of a monk grabbing a tiger’s tail. He survived.

You better not be referring to that tiger monastery article. God knows what shit they keep those tiger’s high on. And I’m no Buddha.

That was a Buddhist monk, not the Buddha. Chill. Just saying.

Man, the only Buddhism I know is the stuff we read in school. Come to think of it, what’s that Buddha said. ‘Life is suffering. Attachment is the origin of suffering.’ Yup. I’m attached to the damn tiger’s tail and I’m suffering.

The way I see it, you have two options. Stop fighting the tiger and just let him take you on the ride of your life, or be such a pain in the ass deadweight that the tiger decides to offload you.

Dude, that’s actually some solid advice right there.

Exactly. Take the bull by the horns.

Yo man. Just skip the animal idioms please. No tiger’s tails, no bull’s horns. I’m already in the dog house. Feels like I’m about to have a cow. So just hold your horses.


In response to: Michelle’s Photo-Fiction #84 challenge

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