I feel like an astronaut who after years aboard a space station has suddenly landed in a rainforest.

Space is beautiful, peaceful, and infinite. It is a manifestation of God’s power and magnificence. But space is also lonely and dark. Left alone for so long, there is a point at which you stop looking outwards and start looking inwards. Looking within oneself, discovering the self, and accepting the self, is the hardest journey to make, harder than going out to space. You are a powerful creature who has conquered space, but you are so much smaller than the many celestial objects floating around you.
With all our technology, we are but a blip on the radar.

The realm of the forest is the womb of life, alive, abuzz and all-embracing. Birdsong comes in lulls and bursts, the silence and the singing coming together like a timeless symphony. Scent from wild flowers mix with the damp and decay to create ever changing and exotic perfume that permeate your mind and soul. There is a riot of colours as sunlight peeps in through lush trees, landing gently upon shy shrubs. The forest is a manifestation of God’s love, his joyousness. It is a promise of resilience. Almost a forgiveness that gently holds you in its embrace, wipes away your tears, absolves you of your sins, your follies, and assures you that it’s all right. It can be fixed.
There is no need of protective gear here. No poisonous gasses choke me, no burning heat sears me.
I lay down my suit. I am light, unburdened, free. No longer alone, I dance with the peacocks and sprint with the deer. I am now a part of the intricate web we call nature.

All it took was the courage to break through the looking glass.


In Response to Michelle’s Photo-Fiction #85

4 thoughts on “Catharsis

  1. Very evocative and meditative. I like the way you move between the spaces — external and internal — space, the inner soul, the forest, the womb, and back out.


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