I remembered him as the kid who sat at the back of the classroom, always attacking the plump girl with his paper pellets. But when I would turn around to glare, he would disarm me with the biggest smile that housed the deepest dimples. Those darned dimples sent my heart in a tizzy every single time.

Now thanks to social media I was meeting him after almost 20 years.

The beach was his idea. I would have suggested a café. But then he was always a child of the winds.

He was still handsome, the dimples were just as mesmerising, his eyes still sparkled, and my heart still fluttered beside him. We caught up with the present, we caught up with the past, we spoke of possible futures.

My heart stopped fluttering and settled into a blissful calm that only childhood friendship could bring.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, 116th challenge based on photo prompt by The Storyteller’s Abode

16 thoughts on “Those dimples

  1. I actually have no childhood friends. My Dad was in the Air Force so we moved periodically. I always expected to lose old friends and meet new ones. Eventually, it became a habit.


    1. There is something special about childhood friends. We may not share the intellectual rapport that we share with others but there is a bond made of silliness that makes for many precious memories. I wish you had had that. But then I also wish that I could have gotten to experience more places 😀 so I guess both have their pros.


  2. I have many childhood friends.we often meet and party and remember old times. i feel the silly incident have happened just yesterday. this post brought back warm memories.


  3. This is an excellent piece of writing…..I loved that idea of a “child of the winds”…..you do hope some good comes from all this, age does mellow us I find.
    Also, I read your “about” page and I agree with you, the blog is yours, the stories yours, go for it I say…..its how I like to operate as well…. Take care.


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