We were more than sisters. We were two halves of a whole. The neighbourhood called us the twins and considering how inseparable we were, we might as well have been conjoined. Whether it was playing, shopping, movies, or school, I can’t recall a time when we were not together. The summer when I fell of that stupid tree, broke my leg, and was stuck at home, she skipped camp to stay back with me. When her father left, it was me she came too. Only I knew that she knew what had happened and we pinky swore that no one else would ever know.
Life was perfect. We were happy. Then Robert Smith walked through the school gates.

Now all she thinks about is him. “Robbie loves this… Robbie likes that… Robbie’s taking me to this movie…”
Robbie… Robbie… Robbie… How could this guy who landed up just yesterday know her better than me? And now she’s doing the School Day play with him! With him!

Well if she wants to be left alone, I’ll leave her alone. Let’s see how she feels about these pictures on Facebook. When the School Play’s gone, and Robbie’s gone, let’s see whom she comes to when she’s all alone.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of 21 May 2017 based on photo prompt by A Mixed Bag 2009

13 thoughts on “When the bough breaks

  1. Her jealousy is massive. Where people will get a pang of jealousy when a boyfriend/girlfriend will step between friends, most will accept it. Seems like this one may have been more than a little controlling in the first place. Great way of using the prompt.


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