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The Indian city of Lucknow is popularly known as the ‘The city of Nawabs‘.

Despite tremendous modernization, the city has managed to retain its age-old charm and glory.

The breathtakingly beautiful 60 feet high Rumi Darwaza marks the street leading to the old city. Constructed in the year 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula, it is also known as the Turkish Gateway since it is supposed to be identical in design to a similar gateway in ancient Constantinople.

It is said that on top of the Rumi Darwaza was kept a huge lantern that would light up the structure at night making it look absolutely fabulous. Little jets of water would rush out of the sides of the arch from beautifully carved flower buds thus making it look like a gateway to Paradise. The beautifully carved flowers and designs speak volumes about the unique architectural style and eye for detail.

Unfortunately due to the constant flow of vehicular traffic, it had developed several cracks. The Lucknow circle of the Archaeological Survey of India has been demanding that vehicular traffic through the gate be stopped so that repair work can be commissioned. But in the absence of a viable alternate route, the monument is nearing ruination.

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