You’ve left your toys outside again.
No. I am not going to clean them for you. Would you like to go get them?
Of course they are yucky. That’s how they look if you leave them in the mud. Lord knows how many infections they carry right now. We are going to have to throw them away.
Anyway, they have become old.


Look at what mommy found for you baby. The poor things are dirty right now but nothing a good scrub won’t fix. And this dolly has hands too, and a nice blue watch. Fancy!
Hurry. If we get into the shelter tonight we can all have a hot water bath tomorrow.


Originally written in response to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers based on a photo prompt by Karuna.

Reposting in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Sunday Writing prompt: One Person’s Trash

18 thoughts on “Changing Homes

  1. Your two stories were both true. I found these toys buried in the dirt in a part of Seattle’s forest that is being restored. They had been covered by blackberry vines for 30-40 years. When I dug them up, I washed them and restored them to usable condition, but wondered if they carried some bugs or other organisms. But I couldn’t throw them away. I ended up giving them to the family that had originally thrown them down the hill. One person in that family recognized the doll as her daughter’s.

    One of the many things that struck me is that the stuffing inside the doll was totally white and clean. How could that be? I know plastic lasts forever and there might have been plastic in the stuffing, but I would think that it would at least get dirty like the rest of the doll.

    I really like that you wrote your story using two different perspectives. Attitude makes all the difference in life.


    1. Ah. Uncanny. This is a case of the truth being stranger than fiction. I’m glad I got closed to the truth though.
      I volunteer with underprivileged children so cleaning up donated used toys is something I frequently do.

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