I look at his pictures rapturously. “It’s beautiful,” I exhale, “spectacular but tranquil, a perfect slice of heaven. And you have captured it perfectly. I mean, really, you should exhibit these.”

“You should have been there,” he replies softly.

I should have known that my best friend would not miss the longing in my eyes. That’s the thing I hated and loved about him. He always saw through me.

“You could have been there.” He is almost inaudible now but I hear him.

I run my hand over my distended belly feeling the life within. No. That was never an option.

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday, Week 21 challenge, based on photo prompt by Ales Krivec

5 thoughts on “Stolen choices

  1. How interesting….I thought the first time I read this that the narrator was not romantically connected to the ‘best friend’, being with child from a different significant other. After reading it again, it seems the ‘best friend’ is maybe the father of the unborn child that, perhaps, he doesn’t want…thought provoking story…thank you so much for sharing ❤


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