I could have been dropping off a stranger, and in a way I guess I was. 

This probably ranks up with the ten most stupid things that I have done. Any other woman would have thrown him and his luggage to the curb; not offered to drive him to the bus stand. I don’t know, but after fifteen years of constantly making excuses for him, I couldn’t even summon up the rage his betrayal deserved. The polite mask has become the face. He accuses me of not caring, of being too cold and indifferent. Perhaps I am. With every hurt I added just a layer to my wall. When the wall turned into a tower completely boxing me inside, even I do not know. 

I pull up right beside the statue of the lovers and the irony is not lost on me. There was yesterday when I would hurl myself into his arms unable to imagine even days of separation. Today I feel nothing as I say goodbye forever. 

I pull away, leaving behind the girl I was, in search of the woman I never got to be.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction – June 4th 2017 based on photo prompt by C E Ayr

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