There are boys who join the army for honour and country, there are others who join in search of a new home, and then there is Jason who enlisted because Tommy bet him 5 shillings that he would not qualify the physical exam.

Jason would do anything for a dare, and for an adrenaline junkie, the army was perfect.
If there was a dangerous place to go, if there was an important message to be carried, or if someone had to dash in and out of the line of fire, Jason was that man. Jason on his trusty bike!

“You can ride her, but can you make her fly,” someone once taunted, and Jason decided to take on the challenge.

A date was fixed, a ramp set up, and to add to the thrill, it was decided that he would jump over his mates.
The bets were not far behind.

Five brave men sat shoulder to shoulder. Ten feet away the bike started revving up. Louder and louder, closer and closer, until she sped up the ramp and shot off like a rocket amid raunchy claps and hollers, and landed perfectly and well clear.

‘More…More…” egged on the crowd.

Five more lads volunteered to join. The bike started its run up fifteen feet away, faster and faster, until she sped up the ramp and shot off like a rocket. Another perfect landing.

‘More…More…” egged on the crowd. The bets rose higher and higher.

Fifteen young men sat shoulder to shoulder. Once again Jason started his race up the ramp amidst thunderous clapping and cheering. The bike shot off the ramp. But the speed was too much. The ramp wavered. The crowd froze. The lads lost their smile.
Was the bike was going to land short?

Only Jason smiled.

Written in response to Michelle’s Photo Challenge #91.
Writing style adopted in response to Neil’s Scrivener’s Forge Exercise 6 – Character in action.

6 thoughts on “Fly

  1. Yes, I could see Jason. In fact, I went to school with him. A little daft, but salt of the earth. To me that met the challenge of summoning character through action


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