The vultures are always watching, hovering overhead, waiting for a sign of weakness, so that they may sweep down and devour. Don’t show any weakness. Most importantly don’t harbour a bleeding heart. No matter how carefully you camouflage your emotions, they can scent blood.

You may be a single parent with a beautiful smart golden haired baby who needs to be dragged kicking and screaming to day care, you may have an ailing mother at home who eats more medicines than her granddaughter eats candy, and you may be driving a beaten down old car that has far outlived itself, but you better not dally, you better not stop to fret about your abysmal life, cause the clock is ticking, and the vultures are waiting.

You cant see them, but they are ever watchful over you, because you see they now have these devious little aids calls biometric attendance systems and closed circuit cameras. They will know if you enter the office late.

In response to the Sunday Photo Fiction‘s prompt of 18th June with photo by A Mixed Bag 2012

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