Why are all aliens scary mama?

The innocuous question got me thinking.

Baby, these are not real. These are the scary movie guys. We don’t know how aliens look like. In fact scientists think that they will look a lot like us.

Do you think the aliens will be nice like Barbie and Ken?

Sweetie, everything different looks scary. That’s just nature’s way of telling us to be careful. I’m sure there are good aliens and bad aliens, just like there are good people and bad people.

He’s cute mama. Do you think there are good devils and bad devils too?

No baby, the devil is all bad.

Why mama, maybe if we love him, and treat him real nice, he’ll become good too.

I don’t know honey, but until we’re sure, let’s just avoid him, OK.

In response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ 121st challenge based on a photo by Mark with @any1mark66

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