I go with the boat-maker’s milk.

He’s a strange one. ‘I’m not a boat maker, I’m an artisan,’ he says, making me repeat the word until I say it right. The first time he sits me down making me feel how smooth they are, how she balances. ‘Love makes all the difference. I don’t make them, I create them, like Our Father created us, with love’ he goes on, and I look around glad that nobody else was around to hear his crazy.

People come by to look and admire, but not many buy. He don’t care.

Today he looks sad. ‘What happened?’ I asks.
‘One of my babies is out exploring the seas.’
Selling boat make him sad. He strange.

In response to Bikurgurl’s photo prompt for her 25th 100 Word Wednesday challenge

Congratulations gurl – you’ve touched silver ♥

3 thoughts on “The artisan

  1. No truer description of an artisan! In art, as in love {or parenting}, it’s the creations that you fall in love with — not always the process. I read an article about a man who recaned chairs for a hobby in retirement. He loved working with his hands, loved the process, and charged a very minimal fee for doing so. His love was with the people he interacted with and the knowledge he was giving new life to old things. In the case of the boats creation, I’m sure the amount of time and love put in makes all the difference with the attachment to the items — but something deeper lies within this story. A motivation for not being happy for letting the boats journey on without him. The motivation is a story I’d love to hear. Thank you so much for joining us weekly and adding such wonderful insights and perspectives to our writing community ❤

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    1. Thank you.
      My dad was in love with his cars. He would pick an old one, repair, remodel, drive it for a while and then sell. Mom would always complain that she was destined to ride jallopies 😀 But I could see the joy refurbishing gave him. The future owner had to endure an elaborate screening process, almost as if they were there to adopt a pet.

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