I’m chagrined at the way at the way he’s dumped his clothes in two heaps – clothes and undergarments. The precarious book pile threatens to topple with the first draft. Only the laptop occupies a place of pride.

But he’s beaming with unbridled joy. A man in his man-cave.

As I rest my head on his shoulder, he wraps his arms around me. “Come on mom, It’s hardly far. Just one straight road.”

One very long road.
One road that’s taken away my baby and left behind a man. One road that’s changed life as I know it.

In response to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers‘ photo prompt

11 thoughts on “One very long road

  1. Changes are sometimes difficult. My Dad died in April and my Mom is having a terrifically difficult time of it by herself. She’s 85 and she and Dad were married when they were both 20. How do you adjust to such a thing?


    1. It’s extremely difficult especially at that age when you need companionship the most. All we can do is take out more time for them and just be with them. God grant her the strength and purpose to get through this great loss.

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