Sol studied the structural engineer’s report intently, and then as if the ten page report had meant nothing, he asked, “So how are the restoration plans coming along?”

“But…I mean…please reconsider. The structure is weak. Restoring it is not prudent. You would be well advised to demolish and build from foundation. It’s still a great plot and you will make a considerable profit.”

“No demolition. This is a historic landmark. I want it preserved.”

“It will cost more to restore than rebuild.”

“And I’m bloody well willing to pay for it! Can you do the job or should I find someone else?”

“I’ll do it. Just consider yourself warned. By the way, I was not aware this ramshackle had history. Scandal perhaps, something about a spinster of questionable repute being driven out by the town’s people. No historic value.“

“This ramshackle has historic value to me, my friend. I was conceived here.“

In response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of 16th July based on a photo by Mike Vore

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