Johnny’s entire body was buzzing with excitement. For two weeks his room had been out of bounds as daddy redecorated. He had seen tins of pretty colours and paper rolls being brought in, but despite his best efforts, he could not get a peek.

“Dad’s done it all by himself,” beamed mum.

“Anything for my son,” daddy said, clapping him on his back so hard that he almost fell over.

“Thank you, Thank you. Please… please can I go in now?”

Finally the door opened and Johnny stepped into deep space.

Rockets and satellites hung from a ceiling covered in stars. The walls were papered black with pictures of planets. His table was the control station replete with a complicated maze of dummy switches and buttons. Figurines of spacemen stood on the bed’s head board.

“Do you like it?” asked dad, his eyes twinkling with expectation.

“It’s really…wow…this is a total surprise.”

Johnny could barely sleep that night.
Daddy had put in so much effort, and it was pretty, really pretty, but Johnny had wanted a garden theme, with flowers and butterflies and rainbows. They had laughed at him when he asked for butterflies and a rainbow. He still didn’t understand.
What does being a boy have to do with it!

In response to The 20th August Sunday Photo Fiction challenge based on a photo by A Mixed Bag 2012

6 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Aw, I feel bad for this kid. He just likes the outdoors. His Dad’s work and time I think is appreciated but he should’ve listened to what his son wanted, not judging what kinds of themes boys are supposed to like, or girls for that matter. I hope Dad isn’t a problem in the future for the boy, in this regards.


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