People ask why the band has a deaf guy arranging their lighting. They reply – but he hears the music.

I am a freak in a freak show.

The guy standing off stage at a rock show with his hands making music of their own, is an enigma.

But I hear it all. The thump of the beat, the vibrations of the stage, the buzz of the walls, the excitement of the crowd. Their pulses soaring with the drums, the bated breath during the guitar’s riff, that involuntary exhale when the beauty gets too much to hold in.

As the music hums along my body infiltrating every molecule within me, I see, hear and feel. That is how I understand the lights. My ears are deaf but my body hears.

In response to Bikurgurl’s 34the week 100 Word Wednesday challenge.
Photo credited to Don Naman.

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