“Urgent delivery. He promised a generous tip if you make it in half hour.”

My day had been really shitty so far. The alarm had not rung, and despite getting dressed in record time, I had missed the bus. I was starving and cranky. I need cheering up. Like a generous tip!

I rushed to grab a bike.

But it simply wasn’t my day. I tripped, fell, twisted my ankle. No cycling for me. Shitty fortune continues!

Sam calls me next morning. “You lucky bastard,” he screams.

“My ankle hurts like a bitch. How is that lucky?”

“Andy made your delivery. Customer was a psycho. He shot him. Andy’s dead man.”

In response to Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday, week 35 prompt based on a photo by Zachary Staines

5 thoughts on “Shit luck

  1. Holy Crap! So many literal bullets dodged, and caught, by that simple action. Life is full of twists and turns, quite literally, which can change the course of your life. Love your interpretation on the image – thank you so much for your contributions to our community of writers this week ❤


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